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Greetings and welcome to the USS Odyssey, a Star Trek sim (role playing game) in the United Space Federation Sim Group. The Odyssey sims at 2100 (9pm) U.S. Eastern time on Saturdays in the USF Internet chat room #USS Odyssey.

Link: USF Sector001 Chat

Simulations (SIMs) are a type of role playing game in which you simulate being an officer on a Star Fleet vessel. There are no winners and no losers here. The object is to have fun. For more information on our simulations, visit

I hope you will have as much fun visiting our site as we did creating the characters and the stories that are all part of our Odyssey...

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The USF is currently one of the largest and fastest growing Star Trek simulation/role playing groups on AOL, AIM, and the Internet (IRC). With more than two dozen simulations in action, the USF provides you with an excellent opportunity for adventure and excitement in the realm of cyberspace and role playing. If you are interested in the Star Trek Universe and consider yourself imaginative, then the USF is for you.

The USS Odyssey fondly remembers its longtime commanding officer, Admiral Peri Mason. Admiral Mason commanded the Odyssey for well over a decade and helped to make many of its officers, past and present, the outstanding simmers they are today. Admiral Mason will be dearly missed.