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United Space Federation Application

"To Explore the Future..."

Important Note: An Discord account (also called a screenname) is currently required to join the USF.

Ready for some fun? Ready to go on a mission into the depths of the Gamma Quadrant, back in time, on an outpost, or on a starbase? Well, get psyched if you're about to join the United Space Federation!

If you have any problems in filling out this application, please email


  • Complete the following application and hit the Send Application button at the bottom.
  • If you have questions, you might check our our Discord server for USFers who may be able to help (as noted above, you will need to create a Discord account).

The Application

Part I: About You (Optional)

This information helps us get to know you, but we realize it may be too personal. This part is completely optional.

1. Your main email address:
2. Your real age and gender:
3. RPing/SIM Experience or other SIM groups you belong to:

Part II: Your Character

Before joining the USF, you should already have an idea for a character that you wish to play.
If you haven't made up a character yet, that's okay! Just leave answers blank if you haven't decided yet.

1. The email address you will be using for USF:
This will be our primary email address for contacting you.
2. Discordscreen name(if created) for USF (optional):
If you plan on creating a Discord Screen Name, for the USF, create it first. Do not worry about any rank, as it can be edited within the sim's Discord server
3. Your character's name:
4. Your character's age and gender:
5. Species:
Examples for species include: Human, Betazoid, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Trill, etc.
PLEASE NOTE: The USF strongly discourages Borg and Q type characters. Some commanding officers will allow them, some will not. If you strongly want a character of this type, it will be up to the commander of the sim you are posted to.
6. Other information about your character:

Examples for other information include: hates borg, telepathic, strange phobias, unusual intelligence, etc.

Part III: SIM Assignment

1. Which types of simulations can you attend?

Please check all that apply. This is VERY important.

I have Internet access. (Webchat)

2. The following are times we currently have siMulations.

CHECK as many times that you can and/or want to attend a simulation. All SIMs last for one hour. All times are US Eastern. Subtract 3 hours if you are on the US west coast.

9:00p-10:00p Webchat
10:00p-11:00p Webchat
9:00p-10:00p Webchat
10:00p-11:00p Webchat
8:30p-9:30p Webchat
10:00p-11:00p Webchat
10:00p-11:00p Webchat
10:00p-11:00p Webchat
9:30p-10:30p Webchat
8:00p-9:00p Webchat
9:00p-10:00p Webchat
10:00p-11:00p Webchat
11:00p-12:00a Webchat
What other times are you available?

3. SIM Preference. If would like to request that you be posted on a particular simulation, select the name of the simulation from the list below. In general, just leave this as "no preference."

4. Your Post. The following are the posts our ships and stations normally have. Please rank the posts that you would like. You may only choose one station for "Most Want" and "Really Want."

Marine (Not available on all sims)

Learn more about USF Marines

(including Civilian, Bartender, Ambassador, etc. Please specify.)

Part IV: Miscellaneous

We would like to know how you found out about the United Space Federation. Answering the following questions is, of course, optional.

How did you find out about the USF?
If you were "recruited" by a member of the USF, please type his/her name to the right.

Is there anything else you want to note on your application?


We will do our best to match your preferences with our openings. Your first post will probably be an assistant in a department, such as engineering, medical, science, etc. Throughout regular participation, you will be due for a promotion, and eventually may become a department chief. After enough dedication and work, you may even go on to become a USF sim host!

I am not a robot.

Welcome To The United Space Federation!
Live Long and Prosper

This application is current as of 201305.25