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USS Hermes
Tuesdays @ 10:00p
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CO: FCpt. Billings
XO: Cdr. Kennesaw
The USS Hermes-G is a Legacy Class explorer which constantly pushes the boundaries of the unknown. We pride ourselves on the rich personal history of our crew and our compelling story lines. Expect an epic twist every week!
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The United Space Federation

Crew Promotions
  • USS HERMES: On Stardate 201404.15 Leonard Swift was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
  • STARBASE EVEREST: On Stardate 201404.06 Malachi Styles was promoted to First Lieutenant.
  • USS LEXINGTON: On Stardate 201402.23 Daniel Connor was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
  • USS LEXINGTON: On Stardate 201402.2 Rahm Tola was promoted to Lieutenant.
  • USS COLUMBIA: On Stardate 201309.3 H Hudson was promoted to First Lieutenant.
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To Explore the Future...

The United Space Federation is one of the leading Star Trek simulation/role playing groups on the Internet. We have 18 simulations in action throughout the week, providing you with an excellent opportunity for adventure and excitement in the realm of Star Trek role playing. If you are interested in the Star Trek Universe and are imaginative, then the USF is for you. For more information on our simulations, read the Simulation Guide or read about us.

Our group is divided into simulations (sims), each of which is a starship, station, or outpost. The sims are run by our most experienced members, who keep the sims enjoyable for players of all ages and host the live-action chat rooms.

If you're ready to step into the action, Join Our Group or learn more about us.

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Subspace News
201306.04New Commanding Officer, Starfleet Academy Cadets Beware! Starfleet Academy welcomes its newest Dean, Captain Rhea Janseen. Captain Janseen will be taking the reigns of Starfleet Academy. Congratulations Dean Janseen! (Read more...)
201306.04New Commander of the USS Independence Adrenna (Addy) Darz has accepted the third gold pip and is the First Officer of the USS Independence. Welcome to the host wing Commander! (Read more...)
201306.04Promotion Correction (Misprint in orders) Please join us in welcoming the USS Vanguard, NCC-74755, under the command of Captain Elle Jellico and Commander John McClane to the fleet! We announced Elle T'Pell of Vulcan and it's not her ship. Welcome and sorry about the order misprint Captain!
201304.22USS Vanguard takes up the guard The USS Vanguard, NCC-74755, under the command of Captain Elle T'Pell and Commander John McClane has joined USF as the newest sim. Welcome to the fleet! (Read more...)
201303.30New Sim Joins Us! The USS Polaris, NCC-80601, under the command of Captain Benjamin Wolf and Commander T'Pel Jellico has joined USF as the newest sim. Welcome to the fleet!

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