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CO: Capt. Holden
XO: Cdr. Carishai
The USS Excelsior, the USF's charter sim, has been dispatched into Romulan space to provide aid to the survivors of the Hobus disaster and feel out the political situation. Brand new adventures await you in a brand new setting!
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The United Space Federation

Crew Promotions
  • OUTPOST PHOENIX: Ciaran MacArdry was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade on 201808.19
  • USS DARMOK: Dean Spearhorse was promoted to Lieutenant on 201808.17
  • OUTPOST PHOENIX: Shah'Jahar was promoted to Lieutenant on 201808.12
  • OUTPOST PHOENIX: Shah'Jahar was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade on 201808.12
  • OUTPOST PHOENIX: Sherilyn Vocke was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade on 201804.22
To Explore the Future...

The United Space Federation is one of the leading Star Trek simulation/role playing groups on the Internet. We have 13 simulations in action throughout the week, providing you with an excellent opportunity for adventure and excitement in the realm of Star Trek role playing. If you are interested in the Star Trek Universe and are imaginative, then the USF is for you. For more information on our simulations, read the Simulation Guide or read about us.

Our group is divided into simulations (sims), each of which is a starship, station, or outpost. The sims are run by our most experienced members, who keep the sims enjoyable for players of all ages and host the live-action chat rooms.

If you're ready to step into the action, Join Our Group or learn more about us.

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Subspace News
201806.18Darmok and Taylor Captain Zachary Taylor was appointed permanent Commanding Officer of the USS Darmok on 201806.15. Congratulations to him and the Darmok crew. (Read more...)
201805.20Commanding in Style A belated congratulations to Commander Malachi Styles who was promoted to full Commander and appointed Executive Officer of Starbase Everest on Stardate 201804.28. (Read more...)
201805.02An Era Ends Esteemed longtime leadership, Admiral Caitlin (Periwinkle Mason) & Vice Admiral Ahrele Oliver Johannson, have joined the retirement wing. We've all simmed with them at one point and they will be greatly missed.
201802.07Kirk Joins Captains' Wing. Acting Commanding Officer of the USS Hermes, James Kirk Jr., was promoted last night to Captain and officially instated as Commanding Officer. Fair Winds, Captain! (Read more...)
201801.20Ares and Anderson Unite The USS Ares welcomes a new Commanding Officer, Captain Miaka S. Anderson to her bridge. Good sailing, Captain. (Read more...)

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