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Starbase Everest
Saturdays @ 8:00p
[Sec001 Webchat]
CO: Capt. Darz
XO: (not assigned)
Starbase Everest is a newly rebuilt, state of the art facility on the outskirts of federation territory. Its crew must battle the unknown, experience the unexpected, and push the envelope every day. Welcome to the Frontier!
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The United Space Federation

Crew Promotions
  • USS EXCELSIOR: On Stardate 201701.08 N'Tazzia was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
  • USS ALDRIN: On Stardate 201701.9 Jordan Kimwas promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
  • USS ALDRIN: On Stardate 201611.28 Night Wing K'Trevala was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
  • USS ALDRIN: On Stardate 201611.28 Eileen Boerne was promoted to Lieutenant.
  • OUTPOST PHOENIX: On Stardate 201610.16 Noah Masterson was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
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To Explore the Future...

The United Space Federation is one of the leading Star Trek simulation/role playing groups on the Internet. We have 14 simulations in action throughout the week, providing you with an excellent opportunity for adventure and excitement in the realm of Star Trek role playing. If you are interested in the Star Trek Universe and are imaginative, then the USF is for you. For more information on our simulations, read the Simulation Guide or read about us.

Our group is divided into simulations (sims), each of which is a starship, station, or outpost. The sims are run by our most experienced members, who keep the sims enjoyable for players of all ages and host the live-action chat rooms.

If you're ready to step into the action, Join Our Group or learn more about us.

Top Ten Posts for the past 7 days
Subspace News
201701.16Dion Xiaoyen to Captain Though he's been acting commanding officer the USS Aldrin for a while, Dion Xiaoyen is now officially her Commanding Officer. Congratulations! (Read more...)
201609.08Happy 50th! Proud of Star Trek's 50 Years going boldly!
201510.19Fleet Captain Promotion T'Marahoi was promoted to Fleet Captain and appointed the USF's newest Fleet Representative as of stardate 201509.23 (Read more...)
201503.14USS Lexington's New Executive Officer The USS Lexington has a new first officer on deck. Lieutenant Commander Kaelajh Mai Quinn was promoted to Commander and officially appointed to the USS Lexington. (Read more...)
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