Application to Join the USS Excelsior


  • This application is for the USS EXCELSIOR, a United Space Federation (USF) simulation, ONLY! (Full Fleet Application)
  • This simulation (SIM) takes place on Sundays at 9:00 pm Eastern Time.
  • The crew meets in the USF Webchat channel "USS_Excelsior" (available via Web browser or IRC).

Part I: About You

  1. Main Email:
  2. Your real age and gender:
  3. RPing/SIM Experience or other SIM groups you belong to:

Part II: Your Character

  1. USF Email: REQUIRED (if not provided in Part I)
  2. USF Character AIM/AOL Screen Name:
  3. Character's name:
  4. Character's age and gender: If "other" please explain briefly:
  5. Species: (PLEASE NOTE: Borg and Q type characters are strongly discouraged.)
  6. Other information about your character: Examples for other information include: hates borg, telepathic, strange phobias, unusual intelligence, etc.

Part III: SIM Assignment

  1. BASIC INTERNET access is required for participation in the USS Excelsior SIM, which takes place in the USF Webchat.

  2. The USS Excelsior SIM starts each Sunday at 9:00 pm ET (subtract 3 hours if you are on the US west coast). Each SIM lasts an hour.
    • I am available between 9:00-10:00 pm ET on Sundays.
      (If you are not available at this time, please see the Full Fleet Application for USF SIMs at other days and times.)

  3. Your Post. The following is a list of positions aboard the USS Excelsior. Please rank the posts you would like to have, though you may only choose one station for "Most Want" and "Really Want." (Be aware that some posts might not be open at the time you apply. The Command Staff will inform you if that is the case when they reply to your application.)

(including Civilian, Bartender, Ambassador, etc. Please specify.)

Part IV: Miscellaneous

  • How did you find out about the USF?
  • If you were "recruited" by a member of the USF, please type his/her name to the right.
  • Is there anything else you want to note on your application?