The PADD has been a publication of the United Space Federation since 1996. It is published by simmers for simmers. The PADD's goal is to produce a magazine-style publication of interest to the members of the USF.

Issues often contain profiles of member-created species, interviews with USF personalities, short stories, group gossip, Trek Tech, and much more.

We are always looking for fresh voices to bring us articles and data that can be beneficial to the host and player. If you are interested in writing for the PADD, or if you have any ideas, concerns, or complaints, contact us.

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The PADD is greatly in debt to its former editors-in-chief Ambassador Anders (aka Captain Praethen), Commodore Shodan, Fleet Captain Quixar, and Commander Havraha ir'Norla cha'AAnikh.

This site was originally designed by former PADD Editor-in-Chief Fleet Captain Quixar. Also, thanks to Synth for converting the back issues to PDF format.