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USF Publications

United Space Federation members put out four regular publications for the benefit of the group.

Members of the USF can subscribe to these publications by going to the Computer Core Publication Subscriptions page. You must have an account on our Computer Core to subscribe this way. If you don't have an accout but would like to subscribe, email the editor of the publication.


The PADD is the USF's cybermagazine, featuring articles on USF simulations, as well as other simming-related topics and Trek technology, interviews with USF members and other personalities, topics for discussions, an advice column, and much more.

The PADD is published once every few months and is a PDF file sent attached to an email. Its editor is Commander Loriarra reachable at

The PADD website is

The USF Communicator

This publication contains up-to-date news of what is happening each week throughout the fleet, featuring sim summaries. In addition, it will publish a Top Ten List, such as the "Top Ten Most Likely Borg Bumper Stickers". USF members submit their responses to the topic, the ten best of which are published in the next edition. Other features will also be included, such as host announcements, trivia, jokes, cartoons, other miscellaneous Trek-related, and entertaining info.

The Communicator is published weekly.