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I hope you have your cup of coffee ready and plenty of time to sit back and enjoy this month's USF PADD, cause it's a whopper! Almost twice the size of many of the other issues and loaded to the brim with goodies from the USS Hermes sim, it's a wealth of information on Captain Billing's crazy bunch.

They all did an excellent job in supporting this month's sim feature. It was a delight to read their contributions, and a lot of fun to put it all together for your reading pleasure. I want to especially thank Captain Billings and Lt. Cmdr. Durnadus for their exhaustive efforts chasing after crew members for the OOC interviews. It would have been quite overwhelming for me and the rest of my correspondents to handle all that by ourselves.

For those that enjoy reading other Sci-Fi fan fictions aside from the ones taking place in the Star Trek universe, this month's PADD also features the first part (of many) of an independent Sci-Fi adventure story with the mysterious name “Janturul.” What's it all about? Well, you will just have to sit down and read the introductory chapters.

You will also find a review on a quite interesting book that bridges the gap between fictional and real-world technologies, a fun picture search involving the crew of DS9, lots of cheesy recipes, and of course, the always fascinating and informative News Section.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!!


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