May 2012

Editor's Corner


I hope you have your cup of coffee ready and plenty of time to sit back and enjoy this month's USF PADD, cause it's a whopper! Almost twice the size of many of the other issues and loaded to the brim with goodies from the USS Hermes sim, it's a wealth of information on Captain Billing's crazy bunch.

They all did an excellent job in supporting this month's sim feature. It was a delight to read their contributions, and a lot of fun to put it all together for your reading pleasure. I want to especially thank... [read on]

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STO News

Science News

The USF PADD - Coming to You at Warp 9!

Special Bulletin

Survey about PADD Contests

Tell us what makes the difference between you participating or not participating in a PADD sponsored contest. We'd like to know!

United Space Federation

Featured Sim: USS Hermes

Introducing the crew/cast of the USS Hermes, in-character and out-of-character.

Sim Universe - Ship, mission, and crew information.

Behind the Scenes - Out-of-character interviews with the players of Jerrid Billings, Ken Kennesaw, Sara Kelly, Olson Jaraq, Andrew Carmello, Malcolm Sarif, Tanok, Kayshl Durandus, Diana Shepard, Katelin Troi, and Ethan Grimms.

Beginnings - A short summary if the Hermes' launch and its history of hosts.

Meeting - In Real Life - Interviews with a few of the Hermes' crew that actually met in person. Curious what they'll say of each other?

Fan Fiction

Janturul - Part 1

An indenpendent Sci-Fi adventure story, by Lance Bacon and Inara Wood. - What is the mysterious name all about? Read and find out!


Ten Forward


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