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USF Species Databank: Betazoids

Betazed is the home planet of the Betazoids. The planet is one of many in the federation. The planet itself is lush a beautiful. The weather is almost tropical. One of Betazeds nicest features is the Jalara Jungle a rich lush rainforest. The jungle is rarely ventured into though due to the dangerous animals that live there. Another nice feature of the planet is its many fine art museums.

The People

The Betazoids are the inhabitants of the planet Betazed. They are well know for their telepathic and empathic abilities. Most Betazoids develop their powers in their early teens. Although in some rare cases their born with full telepathic abilities. These people often have trouble maintaining a stable mentality. As soon as possible they are counseled and to get them on a normal plain, the chances of recovery a slim. The Betazoids are very open and truthful, due to the fact that lying is not something that can successfully be accomplished. Another fact that tells people how open they are is that they get married in the nude. This ritual is a symbol of purity, and is not just performed by the bride and groom but also the quests also attend nude . When a betazoid is dying their room is stripped of all possessions except the bed, this is another tradition tied in with purity.


The Betazoid believe in Gods and Goddesses, witch is similar to Earths ancient Greek mythology. A common symbol to there belief system is the banging of the gong to give thanks to the Gods for a meal. This lasts through the entire meal.(There are many other religious facts that I have not found to be described)


Betazoids are known for a one dish wich is wildly popular in many places. It is called oskoid a cabbage-like dark yellow leaf with purplish veins. Another food is uttaberries An edible dark-green Betazed berry that grows wild. It is most commonly used in a dish called uttaberry crepes.