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USF Species Databank: The J'Karrans

J'Karran colony ship
A J'Karran colony vessel gets an escort from an ancient Federation cruiser

The race of humanoids, known primarily as J'Karrans were discovered on stardate 2376 just inside the Beta quadrant. Located just into the fringe of Romulan territory, it was conceivable that they had been missed by sensor sweeps, and we found by the Federation Starship USS Agrippa. The J'Karran territory is heavily laden with resources, and is protected by many violent Nebulas, and it is surmised that the Romulan Tal'Shiar took interest for this reason.

When the Federation finally managed to get into the system, it took a large amount of diplomacy and negotiation to manage to evaluate the J'Karran Empire, something that the Romulan Empire protested to greatly.

It transpired that the J'Karrans had been suppressed in their home system by the Romulan Star Empire for nearly two hundred years, the Romulans had control of all communications and transports into and out of J'Karra Prime. Reasons for this were short in coming, and it was clearly apparent that the Romulan Empire had not even begun any process of mining in the system. Further more, the realization of Tal'Shiar involvement brought an even bigger shock from the Romulan Senators at the negotiations, than the fact the Federation had penetrated their space.

2376 heralded a new era in J'Karran evolution when a secretly constructed blockade runner managed to outrun a group of Romulan scout ships and get a message to the Federation and a few other smaller races before it was destroyed. What occurred after that nearly caused another Romulan/ Federation war, with the fragile J'Karrans at the center. Through Federation mediators and negotiations with the Romulans, the federation managed to persuade the Romulan Empire that it was in their own best interests to allow the J'Karrans to petition for acceptance into the Federation, and exist under the own rule, thus declaring an independent state from Romulus. This so happened to be an independent state in Romulan territory, an outcome that didn't really please the Romulan Empire at all, but became of great benefit to the Federation.

There were however certain details which were set in place at the Treaty of Drall, which was where the J'Karrans signed the concordance with the Federation. The first among many, was that the J'Karrans would build a fleet of warships numbering no more than 150 ships, and would be constrained to a Home Guard fleet only. The second was that the numerous J'Karran ship yards would be used on a 85% to 15% ratio, of construction of Starfleet pattern vessels.

While this vastly constrained the amount of defense ships that the J'Karran Empire was allowed to build, it also benefited the Federation, and pacified the Romulan Star Empire. Production of ships began immediately, and the Federation set up numerous patrols to invigilate this new border. It must be stated here, however, that the J'Karran Empire maintains a state of Sovereignty, and has agreed to Federation integration only through executive decision. In other words, the J'Karran Empire does whatever they like in their own territory, short of committing genocide.

When the J'Karran people were first viewed by the rest of the Alpha quadrant they bore a remarkable likeness to the Bajorans, a trait which had to be investigated. The J'Karrans were in fact a long lost faction of Bajoran colonists; who when the first orb appeared 10,000 years earlier, had set out in an armada of large sublight ships to try and find more graces and gifts from the prophets. According to patchy J'Karran records, correlated by Bajoran records, they had arrived at their planet by sheer chance, as the colony was not intended to spread this far, though a warp rift and crash landed on J'Karra Prime. After many years on their new planet the J'Karrans eventually lost many of their links to the Bajorans, as the monks who enforced their faith slowly died out. Instead the J'Karrans started to believe in one Supreme prophet who ruled above all others, while the J'Karrans had lost the direction of their faith they were no less fundamental about it. The name system was reversed, so that the first name came before the last name and the D'jarra caste system was abolished.

J'Karra Prime
A sacred place of J'Karra Prime

J'Karra is a vast ball of mountains, forests and lakes, making for quite a tough environment to live in; but providing an excellent starting point for a resource base. The J'Karrans built their homes into the walls of the great canyons and mountains and onto large plateau's. While the landscape is beautiful, the J'Karrans yearned to go back into the stars and colonize some of the other planets in their system, they had spread to three other planets and two moons by the time the Romulans arrived. The J'Karrans are a planet full of artisans, poets, thinkers and dreamers but they were not soft. They resisted the Romulans presence, but eventually the Romulans managed to persuade the J'Karrans that they were not here to subjugate them. While the Romulans were there, they had plenty of time to perfect their way of life and their socio-economic infrastructure, something that the Romulans were impressed by, and also leading to a most stable planetary economy. This is something that was not being shared by their Bajoran counterparts.

The J'Karran Empire has now grew beyond the bounds of their home system, and they believe that they have done as much construction and work in their home system as they can. Secretly they are building more and more ship yards in some of more dense Nebulas, and their industrial base grows on a line with their expansionist policies. The Empire now only waits for enough ships to be built to accompany the Iluri'Artaye mothership into uncharted areas of space. The J'Karrans are determined to found a new Empire beyond the constraints of the Romulans and the Federation, and the sudden revealing of the Wormhole complex at DS-21, has granted the means to found their new Empire.

J'Karran Faith

While the J'Karrans no longer believe in the Celestial Temple and the Prophets, they do believe that there is one Supreme Prophet who rules above all others. Faith is shown in every walk of life in the J'Karran civilization, every morning and evening is given up to prayer and worship, every school teaches their faith as well as other academic subjects, such is the J'Karran fundamentalism. The J'Karrans place a high emphasis on schooling in the early years of their children's lives, literacy and languages, arts and sciences, and theology are all covered in immense detail. Physical fitness is attained at an early age as well, in fact by the time J'Karran children have left their 12 hour a day school life, at 18, they will have reached an incredible physical and mental peak. If the person so desires, or he is an orphan, they may petition for acceptance into the Karchan, the Holy Order of Warrior Priests, taking on a new mental and physical challenge on a great scale. The J'Karran Warrior Priests are already becoming a legend in the Alpha quadrant, noted for their exceptional combat prowess and utter devotion to the Faith, they are extremely well trained and taught. Where as in the school life they were taught for 12 hours of the day, this did include recreational periods; a Warrior Priest has only 10 hours of his day given over to rest and recreation. What comes out of this after 2 years is unbelievable, and their regimen goes on until they leave or die. During the Romulan suppression, the only military forces allowed was standard policing militias. But by training their Warrior Priests in the arts of war the managed to form their own secret service army. These forces a grew larger by the day and now form quite a large contingent of the armed militias, always accompanying troops for the inspiration they bring along with their immense battle experience. To be a J'Karran Warrior Priest is a testament to your abilities, faith and status in society and they gain a lot of respect from their people. They live in tall Fortress Monasteries, which stand above all the settlements, easily noticed by their four immense towers, a commanding and protective view, which can be seen by all.

A few of them have ventured out into the expanse of space, but most remain at home ready to defend their faith and home at all costs. Those that have ventured away still tend to keep their titles and regimen, only re-assuming their title when they return to homeworld.

Glossary of Terms

The Holy Order of Warrior Priests
The leading Minister of the Na`Kari
High First Vachan
Spiritual leader of all J'Karrans
First Vachan
A title given to one of the most honored in the Karchan
A Warrior Priest, above a monk who is the basic rank
The Government of J'Karra


Total Space: 7.5LY; Disputes: disputed border claims with the Romulan Empire
Planetary Use: Agricultural 28%; Inhabited 23%; Industrial 20%; Unusable 30%


Population: 29,700,000,000
Species Divisions: J'Karran 95%; non-J'Karran humanoid 4%; other 1%
Religion: J'Karran 100%
Language: Predominant J'Karran, sizeable minorities speaking Bajoran and Federation Standard English
Labor Force: 18,650,000,000


Full Name: The J'Karran Empire
Type: Republic
Administrative Divisions: 45 Provinces, 12 Colony worlds
Independence: November 4th, 2377, from Romulan Star Empire
Constitution: Written, Statutes, High law
Legal System: Local J'Karran law, Fully integrated with Federation law system
Executive Branch: Na`Kari
Legislative Branch: Na`Kari
Judicial Branch: High First Vachan
Leaders: Chief of State and Head of Na`Kari: Prelat Covar
Suffrage: Universal at age 18
Defence Forces: J'Karran State Guard, Karchan


J'Karra Prime:
Populated L-class planet, 3rd in J'Karran system. Has 2 moons and rotates on a 26 hour day
Populated M-class planet, 6th in J'Karran system. Has 5 moons.
Populated M-class planet, 5th in J'Karran system. Has 0 moons.
J'Karra II:
Populated L-class planet, 4th in J'Karran system. Has 1 moon.
J'Karra VII:
Populated M-class planet, 7th in J'Karran system. Has 0 moons.
J'Karra VIII:
Populated L-class planet, 8th in J'Karran system. Has 7 moons.
Second moon of J'Karra Prime, houses the main hand weapons production factories of J'Karran Empire
Heavily fortified Ninth planet, L-class with 1 moon. 4 Starship production yards, 2 starbases
Main training world of the Karchan, also agricultural base.
J'Karran Sector:
Area of space under direct J'Karran jurisdiction, secondary patrols by the UFP. Borders Romulan Star Empire, integrated part of UFP.
J'Karran System:
Contains 18 planets, 12 of which Inhabited, 3rd is J'Karra Prime


Overview: After their initial boom, the J'Karran economy has not faltered at all, in fact they have brought themselves on a par with some of the most advanced societies in the Alpha quadrant The new economy is more than capable of supporting their expansionist policies of late A well organized and disciplined infrastructure.
Unemployment Rate: 0.2%
Budget: 30.75 Billion credits
Industrial Production: growth rate +2.998% (2379)
Industries and Agriculture: Tourism, farming, industrial replication, mining, communications, pharmaceuticals, large scale Starship production & Deuterium refining.


Spaceways: UFP charted spacelanes, Drall - J'Karra trade routes
Spaceports: 5 major spaceports, 12 minor spaceports, and 45 space stations
Merchant Marine: 45 ships, 150 unmanned cargo drones
Telecommunications: 11,500,000,000 comm terminals, 34 subspace comm relays