From the Commanding Officer

Purpose of this Policy

To maintain a highly active crew for our sim which will allow us to garner the most enjoyment possible from the time we spend role-playing, being at the sim is the most important aspect to consider. Just imagine trying to play a game of baseball with one person? If we don't have all our players we can't sim fully.

For that reason, we must keep a trimmed and true crew roster of players. This means we must have a method of removing crew in a fair and consistent manner. This policy will allow us to do such, by rewarding those who choose to spend their time with us and keeping track of those folks who for some reason can't (or choose not to) spend their time with us.

Captain T'Ashal


Attendance Policy

General Absences

You are NOT required to contact us if you are going to be late or miss a sim. However, we'd really appreciate it if you did! You can IM or e-mail either the CO and/or XO (preferably e-mail both). Just remember to keep the comms open!

Consecutive Absences

Without Communication:

If you miss 4 sims without any communication, you may be dropped from the roster (you will be put on MIA status after the first 2 weeks). Crew members who have served the Excelsior consistently for a longer time will be given more leeway (in general up to 8 weeks) but are expected to communicate with the Host Team as soon as possible.

You will receive an e-mail from the Commanding Officer if you are removed from the ship roster. (The obvious exception is when your email address is bad.)

With Communication:

If you just write logs but always miss the sim, we'll have to work out some other arrangement since the live sim is integral to the game. (We might recommend a Play By E-Mail game.) If you miss 8 sims even while writing logs, though, you may still be dropped. You should consider an LOA (see below).

Not A Known User (NAKU):

If your e-mail address becomes unexpectedly unreachable, you will have two weeks to contact the CO and/or XO before you may be dropped from the roster.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

If you are aware ahead of time that you will be missing several sims, you have the option of taking a Leave of Absence. We understand that sometimes things come up or you just need to take a break. A Leave of Absence allows a crew member to leave for a period of time and return with the same rank and position.

Types of LOA's:

  • Standard LOA - up to 2 months (60 days)
  • Extended LOA - up to 6 months (180 days) - MUST BE APPROVED!


  1. Crew members must inform the CO and/or XO of any LOA prior to taking it.
  2. Extended LOA's must be approved by the CO or XO.
  3. CO and XO may at most only take 30 days of LOA without a replacement plan, with a total limit of 60 days.

(Note: If you miss sims without taking an LOA and then decide to take an LOA, those absences may count towards your LOA time limit.)

Attendance Awards

As a little incentive to encourage regular attendance, we have decided to hand out attendance awards for 8 weeks, 16 weeks, 24 weeks, and 32 weeks consecutive sim attendance. Icons for those awards have been uploaded onto the Excelsior's website and may be used (through HTML) in character biographies.

(Note: Sim attendance is defined not simply as being present, since that makes little difference in a live sim, but as participation in the sim. That definition is in line with the meaning of "the act of attending", namely to apply oneself to the role of your character, which in turn means putting forth a concerted effort to be actively involved in the sim. Only those crew members that are attending in that manner will be counted as being in attendance.)

The Command Staff