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All actively serving Hosts (Executive Officers and Commanding Officers) are automatically members of the Active Hosts Assembly (AHA). The AHA meets at least once a month to discuss any issues the individual Hosts or members of their respective crews might have identified for discussion. On occasion, non-Hosts or former Hosts may be invited to attend or address the AHA but such invitees do not have a vote in any decisions made by the AHA. The AHA as a group, and the individual membership thereof, have duties as defined in the GovDoc which are listed in the sim guidelines.
USS Aldrin
Commodore MardelConner, Commanding Officer Not available
Captain DeanHouse, Executive Officer Not available
USS Ares
Uss Columbia
Fleet Captain T'Marahoi, Commanding Officer Not available
Commander JehaneBescoine, Executive Officer Not available
USS Excelsior
Commodore MichaelHolden, Commanding officer Not available
Doctor StaceyHarris, Chief Medical Officer Not available
Commander SierraGar, Executive Officer Not available
USS Hermes
Captain JamesKirk, Jr., Commanding Officer Not available
USS Independence
Commander TravisCloud, Executive Officer Not available
USS Odyssey
Captain FloydCalvin, Commanding Officer Not available
USS Penumbra
Commodore ZacharyTaylor, Commanding Officer Not available
Colonel TravisPatterson, Executive Officer Not available
USS Roddenberry
Commander OliverQueen, Executive Officer Not available
Fleet Captain RavynnPhoenix, Commanding Officer Not available
Starbase Everest
Commander MalachiStyles, Executive officer Not available
Fleet Captain AdrennaDarz, Commanding Officer Not available
Starfleet Academy
Captain RheaJanseen, Commandant Not available
Lt. Commander EirualEsrom, Executive Officer Not available

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