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Note: This does not represent a true count of members in the USF. Many members play multiple characters in several sims. This can usually be verified by multiple listings of the same email address. You must be logged in to view email addresses.
Listed by: Members  By Sim 
Commander Malachi StylesNot available
 Executive officer, None - Starbase Everest
Commodore Michael HoldenNot available
 Commanding officer - USS Excelsior
Civilian Renik StylesNot available
 Adopted son of Malachi - Starbase Everest
Commander Zarian LobrenNot available
 Chief Security Officer, Chief Tactical officer - USS Excelsior
Lieutenant j.g. VarokNot available
 Physician, Security/tactical officer - USS Excelsior
Lieutenant StorakNot available
 Science officer, None - USS Excelsior
Lieutenant T'RadtNot available
 Helm officer, None - USS Excelsior
Civilian EastenNot available
 Ward of Lobren, None - USS Excelsior
Civilian Michael, Jr. HoldenNot available
 Holden's son, None - USS Excelsior
Lieutenant Kale BarronNot available
 OPS officer, None - Starbase Everest
Lieutenant j.g. Stair OnalaNot available
 Counselor, None - Starbase Everest
Lieutenant Tial HapzlaNot available
 Counselor, None - Starbase Everest
Ensign Caleb BaconNot available
 Chief OPS officer, None - Starbase Everest
Commander Travis CloudNot available
 Executive Officer - USS Independence
Doctor Pilan Ch'EsterNot available
 Counselor - USS Excelsior
Lt. Commander Trevor CloudNot available
 Chief Engineer - USS Independence
Ensign Anthony TongNot available
 Helm Officer - USS Independence
Ensign Dorian WierNot available
 OPs Officer - USS Independence
Doctor Averone SmeeNot available
 Chief Medical Officer, Counselor - USS Independence
Lieutenant Siboyze183Not available
 Assistant Engineer - USS Independence
Doctor Kash NewbeeNot available
 Assistant Medical Officer - Starbase Everest
Captain Rhea JanseenNot available
 Commandant - Starfleet Academy
Cadet Tara RubbleNot available
 OPS Cadet - Starfleet Academy
Ensign Tucker (TJ) WilsonNot available
 OPS officer
Cadet TripannexNot available
 Flight Cadet - Starfleet Academy
Cadet Rohan FyrstkNot available
 Science Cadet - Starfleet Academy
Cadet Ronov FyrstkNot available
 Engineering Cadet - Starfleet Academy
Admiral Wyatt BaconNot available
 E-Board advisor
Lieutenant Sherlock GrimesNot available
 Chief OPS Officer - USS Excelsior
Captain Floyd CalvinNot available
 Commanding Officer - USS Odyssey
Lieutenant Tiger KesiunNot available
 Chief Science Officer - Starbase Everest
Lieutenant Flower ShemeNot available
 Chief Tactical Officer - USS Aldrin
Civilian Della NokioNot available
 Shop worker, Former science officer - Starbase Everest
Ambassador Tikani KesiunNot available
 Catonian ambassador, Federation ambassador - Starbase Everest
Civilian Talia KesiunNot available
 Daughter of Tiger and Tikani Kesiun - Starbase Everest
Fleet Captain Adrenna DarzNot available
 Commanding Officer - Starbase Everest
Doctor Ailana StylesNot available
 Chief Medical Officer - Starbase Everest
Civilian Meila StylesNot available
 Daughter of Malachi and Ailana Styles - Starbase Everest
Doctor Stacey HarrisNot available
 Chief Medical Officer, Second Officer - USS Excelsior
Counselor N'Tazzia HoldenNot available
 Chief Counselor - USS Excelsior
Commander Sierra GarNot available
 Executive Officer - USS Excelsior
Admiral Killian SylverNot available
 E-Board advisor
Commodore Mardel ConnerNot available
 Commanding Officer - USS Aldrin
Mrs. Larie GrimesNot available
 Wife of Lt. Sherlock Grimes - USS Excelsior
Lt. Commander WolfeNot available
 Chief Engineer - USS Excelsior
1st Lieutenant Baela Chim'lochNot available
 Assistant Engineer - USS Excelsior
Lieutenant j.g. Kayla StrenvaleNot available
 Assistant Engineer - USS Excelsior
Miss ElizaNot available
 School teacher, Assistant counselor - USS Excelsior
Ensign D'Nara LatrellNot available
 Science Officer - USS Excelsior
Ensign Eugene JarrokNot available
 Science Officer - USS Excelsior
Lieutenant Sineade DarnellNot available
 Assistant Engineer - USS Aldrin
Lieutenant Sean DarnellNot available
 OPS Officer - USS Aldrin
Captain Dean HouseNot available
 Executive Officer - USS Aldrin
Commander Oliver QueenNot available
 Executive Officer - USS Roddenberry
Lieutenant Jared Van HelsingNot available
 Chief Tactical Officer, Security officer - USS Independence
Cadet Rick GibbsNot available
 Tactical cadet (3rd Year) - Starfleet Academy
Miss Laurianna LavelleNot available
 Shop Owner (Lost Oasis Bar and Grille) - Starbase Everest
Cadet Amelia (Mia) MooreNot available
 Undefined Cadet (1st year) - Starfleet Academy
Commodore Zachary TaylorNot available
 Commanding Officer - USS Penumbra
Fleet Captain Ravynn PhoenixNot available
 Commanding Officer - USS Roddenberry
Lt. Commander Teayana StarrNot available
 Chief Counselor - USS Aldrin
Fleet Captain T'MarahoiNot available
 Commanding Officer - Uss Columbia
Captain James Kirk, Jr.Not available
 Commanding Officer - USS Hermes
Lieutenant Satori C'BrakNot available
 Nurse - USS Excelsior
Admiral SolykNot available
 E-board, Fleet Commander
Cadet KoboriNot available
 Science cadet (4th year) - Starfleet Academy
Miss LunioriNot available
 none - USS Independence
Vice Admiral Callie SloanNot available
Vice Admiral Angelus De'luviaNot available
Lt. Commander Nightwing K'TrevalaNot available
 Chief Medical Officer - USS Aldrin
Lieutenant j.g. Ciaran MacArdryNot available
Lieutenant j.g. Helen WaiteNot available
 Counselor (L.O.A.), OPs Officer - USS Excelsior
Miss Angelita McMillianNot available
 Civilian-Adopted daughter P. McMillian and H. Waite - USS Excelsior
Ensign Justin CasseNot available
 Security/Tactical Officer - Starbase Everest
Doctor SivainNot available
 Chief Medical Officer - USS Ares
Ensign Seamus McDhoughalNot available
 Chief Engineer - USS Ares
Doctor Shadowwind K'TrevalaNot available
 Chief Medical Officer - USS Penumbra
Lt. Commander Bevin Tibris-MacArdryNot available
 Chief Engineer - USS Penumbra
Lieutenant MahrekNot available
 Chief Security/Tactical Officer - Uss Columbia
Commander Jehane BescoineNot available
 Executive Officer, Science Officer - Uss Columbia
Doctor Nightwing K'TrevalaNot available
 Chief Medical Officer - USS Aldrin
Lieutenant Cassandra Running WatersNot available
 Chief Engineer - USS Hermes
Lieutenant Kiki ZomaiiNot available
 Chief Science Officer - USS Hermes
Lieutenant j.g. Leigh ZebonesNot available
 Tactical Officer, OPS Officer - USS Independence
Doctor Valeria McLainNot available
 Assistant Medical Officer - USS Independence
Lieutenant j.g. Dancing LeafNot available
 Counselor, Medical Assistant - Starbase Everest
Mr. Sahe'Not available
 Adopted son of Dancing Leaf - Starbase Everest
Commander SirynNot available
 Executive Officer (former)
Lieutenant j.g. T'NeerNot available
 Chief Science Officer - USS Odyssey
Doctor Kaylia MacArdryNot available
 Chief Medical Officer - USS Odyssey
Doctor NightwindNot available
 Assistant Medical Officer - Starfleet Academy
Cadet Darrien OmaiiNot available
 Science cadet - 4th year - Starfleet Academy
Cadet Jeanne TuckerNot available
 Security/Tactical Cadet - 2nd Year - Starfleet Academy
Lieutenant Chester NoguraNot available
 OPS Officer
Doctor Minerva BraxNot available
 Assistant Medical Officer, Science Officer
Lieutenant Kirei EdwardsNot available
 Chief Science Officer - USS Independence
Lieutenant j.g. Elsa BlueNot available
 Medical Assistant, Science Officer - USS Independence
Doctor Jennifer SandersNot available
 Assistant Medical Officer - USS Independence
Mr. Trenton CloudNot available
 Son of Trevor cloud and Dr. Jen Sanders - USS Independence
Miss Janet CloudNot available
 Daughter, Trevor Cloud and Dr. Jen Sanders - USS Independence
Mr. Ethan BlueNot available
 Son, Elsa Blue - USS Independence
Lieutenant James CoulsonNot available
 Tactical/Security Officer - Starbase Everest
Colonel Travis PattersonNot available
 Executive Officer - USS Penumbra
Lieutenant SavekNot available
 Tactical, Pilot Ghost Wing - USS Aldrin
Lt. Commander Eirual EsromNot available
 Executive Officer, Provost - Starfleet Academy
Doctor Iris LavendarNot available
 Medical Officer - Starfleet Academy
Not available
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